James Gray

Software, Games & UI/UX Developer.

As a programmer my current favorite toy is the Go programming language. Among other things, it is characterized by a great simplicity that you easily come to appreciate.

My curiosity right now is in using real-time graphics for extreme skeumorphism. This is about using realistic lighting models and material rendering to create rich, engaging user interfaces.

Below are some of the games and other works I have been involved in.

Nuclear Dawn

A post-apocalyptic FPS/RTS hybrid video game, released in September 2011 for PC and Mac.

Visit the Steam page for media and information, or take a detailed look at the gameplay.

Served as Software Developer, passionate Game Designer, and a Founder of the studio. March 2008 - December 2011.

Stargate: The Last Stand

A total-conversion mod for the game Half-life 2, released in January 2009. It was the first major project produced by the team that would then create Nuclear Dawn over the next four years.

Visit the ModDB page for media and information.

Software Developer, et al.


Steam Charts is an experiment with Steam's player numbers. The idea behind this is to see the long-term trends of game popularity on Steam.

Some of my random open-source code can be found on GitHub.