software & game dev


What follows is a selection of projects in reverse chronological order. Anything else of note is from long long ago, or is not significant, but you may find some additional work on GitHub.

Steam Charts

A website that tracks the number of concurrent players over time for each game on the Steam platform, with the ultimate goal of providing unique insight into gaming trends.

Nuclear Dawn

A post-apocalyptic FPS/RTS hybrid video game, released in September 2011 for PC and Mac.

Visit the Steam page for media and information, or take a detailed look at the gameplay.

Software developer, game designer, and a founder of the studio.

Stargate: The Last Stand

A total-conversion mod for the game Half-life 2, released in January 2009. It was the first major project produced by the team that would then create Nuclear Dawn over the next four years.

Visit the ModDB page for media and information.

Software developer, et al.